Trust that an ending is followed by a beginning

Hello friends,

If you are anything like me, you find change very unsettling. Change is always happening, and there is nothing we can do to change it. I really don’t like starting something new, but if there was no change, life as we know it would be very boring and uninteresting. Who wants to live in a world that remains the same forever? Not me, this is why I am warming up to the topic of changing.

This is a very big year for me, I’m graduating and leaving a place that I have called  home for the past three years. This is our last week of the Fall semester, classes are wrapping up, assignments are being handed in , and we are saying our good byes. EVERYTHING AROUND ME IS CHANGING. I wish I had a television remote to pause life! I don’t want to leave my classes, I’m comfortable, I love my routine! At some point it is inevitable, change is going to happen,  and I have to go with the flow.

I founds this quote today and I found it very inspiring!

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.”

Change is going to happen, don’t live in the past, roll with the punches, live in today, make it the best day possible! Crafting is just like changing, ever evolving, be the best crafter you can be, be open to change, something amazing may come out of it!

XoXo – Lauren


Aging through Christmas

Hello friends,

I absolutely love everything about Christmas time. Nothing make me happier than snow falling, gingerbread houses, colored lights, and Christmas songs.  Theres just something magical about Christmas time that makes me so happy!

Lately people have been constantly asking me what it is exactly that I want for christmas, and I never have a response. I AM SO CONFUSED, WHY OR HOW do I not know what I want for Christmas? I always have a list of some cool things that I want Santa to bring me, but this year is just different.

I am graduating from college this upcoming May of 2015, this is scary to me. I’m growing up, moving out into the big girl world. This next big step has led me to think that maybe as you grow older your Christmas list gets shorter, because the things you want can’t be bought.

Christmas is not all about gifts, this is what I am learning lately. I would so much rather a gift made from the heart. Now that I am maturing I realize that its spending time with my family during Christmas that I value the most!

Xoxo – Lauren


1.Why are there no tutorials on your blog? Up until now I have not posted any video tutorials, but keep an out for them, they will be a new feature coming soon! I have not posted videos because I honestly never thought of it until a friend suggested this option to me.

2.Is this and Arts and Craft blog? No, this is not an arts and crafts blog. This blog is a Do It Yourself blog that invites you to think creatively. Our out of the box thinking blog features a sophisticated twist on crafting for a mature audience.

3.What does DIY really mean? DIY is short for Do It Yourself. What does this mean? Do I have to start from scratch? The DIY blog encourages you to look around shops, get ideas then go home and try to create something you saw out in the store! Lets me honest, would your rather a store bought gift or a hand made gift made with love? Here at the DIY blog we show you ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

4.But I’m not a crafty person? Lets be honest some people are better at math and science, and some are better with music and art. No matter where your strengths are, you need to know that creativeness is inside everyone; it’s a natural thing! Creativeness it just shows in many different ways. Be confident in yourself, take a chance, and maybe visit pinterest more often to gather creative crafting inspiration.

5.Why does this blog craft according to the seasons? Just like everyone else sometimes I get a creative crafting block. When I assign a topic to my tasks like crafting through the seasons it helps me with my crafting block. What is crafting block? Well it’s just like a writers block. If you’ve ever had writers block, you know how frustrating this can be. In order to minimize my crafting block I assigned the seasonal topic, and its really been helping! Mission accomplished!

6.Where do you get your crafting ideas? Literally everywhere! My mom and her best friend just started their own crafting business called Primitive Peddlers. They make all types of things according to the season. They sell it at craft fares; fortunately they have been extremely successful! I also gain inspiration from Pinterest, the shopping mall, and from Mother Nature herself!

7.Still have something on your mind that hasn’t been answered? If so, please leave a comment below, and ill get back to you ASAP!

Crafting Cousins

Hello friends,

On a personal note, I would like to share with you why crafting is so important to me!

I come from a very close-knit family; this is my favorite part of my family! Everyone is so close; my cousins were practically raised as my brothers and sisters!

Growing up my Aunt Mare, who is a kindergarten teacher always got the cousins together to do arts and crafts pertaining to the seasons. This was always one of the best activities for my cousins and I!

Every Easter we would always decorate Easter Eggs and trade eggs once they are all decorated. During the Christmas season we all get together build Gingerbread houses and bake Gingerbread men.

Crafting with my cousins is a way in which we connect every season no matter how busy we get; we always make time for one another! Crafting with my cousins is a very special tradition to me in which I plan on continuing many years from now!

XoXo – Lauren

DIY Holiday Edition – Guest Contributor

Hello friends,

The Holiday season is upon us. If you haven’t seen the decorations in stores or heard the Christmas music on the radio yet you soon will! These wintery months ahead  mean cold, and snowy weather. Growing up in Western Massachusetts you expect a handful of snow days each year where you’re probably going to be stuck inside for most if not all the day. Being confines inside during these snowy months you may find yourself becoming pretty creative when it comes to keeping yourself entertained. Below I’m going to share some of my personal favorite holiday crafts to keep you busy on a snowy, winter’s day.

1.) Gingerbread Houses

You can make all the things necessary for this homemade but it’s much easier to get a kit that has all the stuff you already need (plus they’re pretty cheap, especially on BLACK FRIDAY). This is a classic winter to-do for everyone! Gingerbread houses are the winter version of pumpkin carving. It’s a fun thing to do with a group of friends or even with family, why not make it a bonding event? Not only does making your Gingerbread  house keep you occupied for a couple hours but it can also inspire your creative side! There are no rules! Let your creative side out and decorate it in any way you’d like.

2.) Homemade snow globes

What you need:

  • Mason jar
  • Glue
  • Knick-knacks for inside
  • Fake snow (can be purchased at Walmart or any crafting store near you!)

I used to make these things a lot when I was little! They’re such cute little things and make good gifts or decorations. They’re not hard to make if you have all the stuff.

All you have to do is find things you want inside (I like little Christmas trees), glue it to the lid (even tape works sometimes), put the fake snow inside and put the jar back together and voilà you’ve got yourself a little mason jar. For more advanced jars tidymom has a very good instructional on it.

3.) Pinecones

It’s crazy! You can do some many crafty things with pinecones. My favorite use for them is to make them into mini Christmas trees.  All you have to do is find a pinecone that looks like a Christmas tree and paint the edges green. Then fold up a piece of paper to look like a little pot and place the pinecone in it. If you want to go the extra mile you can put a little glitter on the edges of the pinecone to resemble snow. Simple as that. An easy and quick little decoration to get you in the holiday spirit.


These are just a few crafty ways to keep you occupied during this long winter season. So many more ideas are out there but that would be way too many to list. These are just some of my favorites that I thought I’d share with you. Pinterest is a great place if you want to find some more ideas to try out.


Happy crafting!

Until next time- Emily